Close Encounters in New Mexico
An Expose of the Systematic Political and Social Control of Judges and the Law
by Rita Nuņez Neumann

For years, author Rita Nuñez Neumann believed that the entire judicial and legal system in New Mexico have been at risk because it is controlled by political and social forces with an agenda that benefits the politically and socially powerful to the detriment of the less fortunate. But who knows of the true situation that this state is into, and the events that surrounded several elections, including the elections during the Richardson era?

The Richardson era in New Mexico, with its “Pay to play” scenarios, has exacted its toll on the judicial system in the state. Being a Republican candidate for district court judge for the 3rd Judicial District, on the ballot during the same time frame that democratic candidates have been alleged to have bought their positions on the 3rd Judicial District, gives Neumann a unique position to comment on this alleged “Pay to play” judicial scheme. In Close Encounters in New Mexico, she has detailed the events that surrounded several elections including the elections during the Richardson era and how they had a direct impact on her.

The exposé contains some but not all of the legal situations she encountered upon relocating to New Mexico after practicing law in the New York—New Jersey area. Some encounters are designed to give the reader an understanding of what New Mexicans encounter in politics, law, and social circles.

Paris Book Festival for 2012(Autobiograpy/Biography - Honorable Mention) and the International Book Awards (General Biography - Only Finalist).

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